From the very first day you start planning your dream home, you envision it to be full of personal touches that make it yours alone. That is the kind of home we specialize in creating at Multi Construction.

We are more than just general contractors that hire occasional labourers. We are complete builders who employ year round staff who work as a team on every home Multi Construction builds. The team includes a Licensed Engineer who can personalize your home with the special details that make it yours.


Want a custom-designed home?

All our houses are custom designed. We are not a Package A or Package B builder, where you have to take what the package design offers. With Multi Construction, you have input on every detail.


What are the Multi Construction advantages for you?

•  Our Licensed Designer works with you on specific details from day one…and if adjustments are required, he will use his expertise to ensure it’s done right…quickly, efficiently and for significantly less cost than if a builder has to go to an outside engineering consultant. That gives Multi Construction customers  a significant advantage.


•  Recognized as leaders in building energy efficient homes, Multi Construction has designed a one-of-kind building system that provides more home comfort for less money. Due to this unique system, houses built by Multi Construction have energy efficiency scores that are much higher than industry standards (80.5 – 83 compared to the average of 75). We also undertake a specifically-tailored Energy Analysis on each home we build, taking into consideration wind and sun exposure, garage insulation and more. Each home is treated individually, rather than a “package deal” as other builders provide.

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